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What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. uPVC products provide greater durability along with a remarkable look. It keeps out the noise, heat, and dust from entering your space. It’s chemical resistant and more cost-effective than wood or aluminum.

Advantages of uPVC

Doors and windows are not just for natural light and ventilation but they also work as providing security. uPVC doors and windows are full of these attributes. Listed below are a few advantages of uPVC products:

  • It’s sturdy and long-lasting as it is rust and termite-free and does not lose its color or finish with time.
  • The uPVC solutions are available in many designs and colors and can also be bent into any shape, size, or dimension without losing its strength.
  • It ensures safety as multiple locking systems can be incorporated into its different parts.
  • It is extremely low maintenance and scratch-resistant and does not draw debris towards its surface.
  • uPVC is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays and also protects your space from dust, pollution, noise, and rain.

Matrix Windoors – uPVC Windows Manufacturers

Matrix Windoors are one of the best uPVC windows and doors manufacturers in India. They understand the value of your space and therefore use the latest technology in manufacturing their products. Their creative team comes up with a design that exactly matches your requirement and expectations.

They provide uPVC doors and windows for:

  • WorkSpace: To build a workspace that boosts productivity while enhancing peace for your team, every day.
  • Home: To convert your house into a comfortable home that gives you a secure feeling.
  • Commercial Space: To give aesthetic beauty to your commercial spaces while ensuring maximum safety to the premises

uPVC Products by Matrix Windoors

Matrix Windoors had been in business for more than a decade and a half. Here are a few products by the manufacturer that are most demanded by the customers.

1)      Window Systems: 

  •  Inward/Outward Opening
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Top Hung
  • Fixed Glazing
  • 2 track sliding windows
  • 3 track sliding windows
  • Monorail
  • Fly Mesh

2)      Single Door & Single Door Systems:

  • French Door
  • Lift & Slide
  • Fold & Slide
  • Lamination
  • Louvre

Summing-up uPVC products have a lot of advantages. Matrix Windoors is one of the best manufacturers of uPVC products as has evolved with the most advanced technology to make products for a fully functional and aesthetically useful space that compliments your taste while ensuring optimum safety. Contact them today at info@matrixwindoors.com for a free consultation.

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