uPVC French Doors

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High Quality French uPVC Door

Doors that have glass panes extending from top to bottom and have a light construction are called French doors. They are customized for commercial buildings as well as homes and are the most elegant, long-lasting, and smoothest operating doors. They are available in both standard and customized sizes. The uPVC French doors are one of the considered premium choices for commercial and residential projects.

uPVC French Doors or Windows? People often get confused between the two. French doors are a pair of casement windows as they are designed like doors. The main features are the design and characteristics.

Features benefits

  • The doors are available in various colours, designs, and hardware.
  • The doors are energy efficient and help reduce the electricity bills.
  • These doors are low maintenance, termite-proof, and made with uPVC materials. 
  • These doors have noise, heat, and dust insulation and prevent harmful air.
  • They can block rainwater seepage.

About French Doors

Matrix Windoors brings you uPVC French Doors, designed to open inwards or outwards, based on your preferences. They add a sense of aesthetics and a touch of colonial architectural design to your home. French Doors are considered the most secure type of doors as there is one handle from inside, and therefore, great security to the home.

If there are balconies or patio areas in your home, then buying Matrix Windoors’ uPVC French Doors is the perfect option. French doors comprehend uPVC frames, the blend of durable and all-weather solutions available with multi-point locks with luxurious finishing.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

Matrix Windoors takes pride in designing, delivering, and installing uPVC window and door solutions for your home. On the way to craft you a great home, uPVC is your key to comfort and modern home. having a decade of experience in delivering our clients with premium quality window and door services backed by Aluplast’s German technology.

Our team has well-skilled employees who take no time to deliver you the best quality solutions. Fret not! Our experts will ensure a quick and safe installation service for you.

Contact us to know more about French doors and if it’s the perfect fit for your home!