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Why Matrix Windoors uPVC is a Notch Above the Best?

High-end Technology

Matrix Windoors ensures the top quality uPVC products for your home, office, and every other indoor space. Resistant to heat, water, and sound – Matrix Windoors uPVC gives you total security with excellent aesthetics.

Alluring Aesthetics

Here is where Matrix Windoors stands above competitors in the market. A remarkable sense of aesthetics of our uPVC provided by our expert design team makes it merge with your unique style of decor.


With one and a half decade of premium service, Matrix Windoors has earned the trust of esteemed clients all over India. On-time delivery and prompt installation makes the bond with our clients bold and strong.

Every Space Has A Story

We, at Matrix Windoors understand the value of a space that you create, and how important it is to have that space designed exactly like your requirements. Every solution from our team comes with more brownie points for not only meeting all your expectations but also offering you a variety of themes from which you can choose the best for you.

Let the story of your space unfold and the magic of MatrixWindoors take it over from there to present you everything exactly as you dreamt of it.

Build a workspace that boosts productivity while enhancing peace for your team, everyday.

Convert your house into a comfortable home filled with the secure feeling as you wanted it to be.

Give aesthetic beauty to your commercial spaces while ensuring maximum safety to the premises.

uPVC not only treats your pocket well but also contributes to your wholesome wellbeing. In short, it can be the ultimate solution to many of your worries, all at the same time.

About Matrix

Succeeding the legacy of The Balaji Group, Matrix windows was conceptualized to provide exclusive service to the home design needs of the modern Indian homes. The vision of Matrix combines well with the quality of Aluplast to provide premium solutions to every home. We believe in promoting environmental friendly business practices that contribute to the sustainable development of our nation.

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