Benefits of uPVC Products

What is uPVC?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a common choice among architects today. uPVC is making construction eco-friendly and sustainable as it is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, lightweight, strong, versatile, and fully recyclable material.

Who are we?

Matrix Windoors was incorporated in 2007. Since then, we have evolved with the most advanced technology to make our products for a fully functional and aesthetically useful space that compliments your requirement.

We offer a huge range of uPVC products like uPVC balcony doors and windows in different designs to choose from as per your desire. We are among the top uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in Gurgaon.

uPVC Manufacturing Process

  • Liquefied PVC is passed through dies and profiles are created.
  • These profiles are then cut, fusion-welded, and twined together to make doors and windows.
  • Stabilizers are added to augment the durability of uPVC’s towards heat and sunlight.

Benefits of Matrix Windoors uPVC Products

  1. Durable:
  • High resistance against most chemicals.
  • Zero rusting under adverse climatic conditions.
  • Maintains its original color and physical traits.
  • uPVC products are scratch-proof.
  • The product life is twice that of an aluminum window and three times longer than wooden windows.
  1. Airtight to reduced dust and pollen infusion to enter your space.
  2. Protection against Fire:
  • The required temperature for uPVC to ignite is much higher
  • uPVC is highly flame-retardant since it contains chlorine
  1. Unique double glazing and shatter-proof for topmost security.
  2. Zero maintenance: No painting, no polishing. Just clean with a cloth piece.

Why choose us?

Services: We believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients which is no just limited to a project. We gain the trust of our customers by providing them with the right before and after-sale services and thus, building a healthy relationship with them.

Latest Technology: All our products assure maximum durability, safety, and comfort as they are made using refined materials. We ensure the safety of your space with the most advanced technology that is used to manufacture the uPVC doors and windows.

On-time Delivery: We understand the value of your time and make sure that we deliver your products timely. We also give you an option to choose your convenient time for your deliverables.

Timely Installation: It takes almost no time for our team to install the products. We understand your solemn wish to see your space decked up, thus, we ensure prompt installation services to you.

Conclusion: uPVC products are not just eco-friendly but also have a lot of benefits that ensure the safety of your space. So, to buy the best uPVC door and windows in Delhi, consult us today.

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