Addressing Common uPVC Window Issues: Solutions and Fixes

As a house owner, you get to savor the myriad benefits of choosing uPVC fenestration: their longevity, energy efficiency, and low maintenance – make them a perfect choice for many. However, despite how perfect they appear, uPVC windows come bearing a few challenges. From breezy double-glazing to shiver-sending cold air sneaking right through your windows, UPVC windows come causing quite a hassle. In this post, you will delve into common problems homeowners experience with UPVC windows and doors – ever felt a cold draught? Found a mysterious gap between the frame and the window? Or your new UPVC windows are surprisingly draughty? All these problems and with more to unpack, examine, and address 

Not only will this post help you identify the common problems, but we will also provide practical, easy-to-practice solutions on how to fix them.

Understanding UPVC

Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride windows have become majorly famous due to their energy efficiency, durability, and low-maintenance needs. However, UPVC windows can encounter some problems over time, such as any other window type. Primarily, uPVC is heated to a certain temperature and can be ordered into the required shape – after it has been injected into a mold, different methods are applied to it.

Reason Why UPVC is Popular

Regular windows cannot match their remarkable quality at the core. They feature high insulation, weather resistance, noise-cancellation, and other properties. UPVC windows virtually need low to zero maintenance, yet they are strong enough to retain their colour and functionality for a long time. Urban lives have become busier than ever – homeowners are gravitating towards aesthetically pleasing solutions. UPVC windows are highly functional, cost-effective, and energy-efficient – invest today!

Key Features of UPVC Windows

Energy-Efficiency: The primary benefit of investing in UPVC fenestration (as mentioned earlier) is its exceptional thermal performance. Thanks to the insulating properties of double-glazing and the efficiency of the upvc material – these windows help maintain your house’s temperature, reducing your reliance on heating and cooling mechanisms.  

Durability: UPVC, known for its resilience and robustness, unlike traditional wooden frames, doesn’t rot, peel, or warp – which makes them a long-lasting fenestration solution.

Low Maintenance: Another selling point for UPVC windows is their ease of maintenance. Unlike wooden frames that require annual maintenance, UPVC demands minimal cleaning with cloth dipped in soap water. There is no need for them to be resealed or repainted to protect them against any elements.

Affordability: Only the initial investment is higher than other window options; UPVC windows are cost-effective in the long run due to their durability, low maintenance, and energy-saving qualities.

Versatility: From traditional frames to black UPVC windows, these fenestrations come in different styles, colours, and shapes – ensuring a design that suits every home.


While UPVC windows are remarkably advantageous for your house, they can cause some trouble. Read on to unravel the most common problems that are associated with UPVC windows:

Draughts: As mentioned earlier, a draughty double-glazed window is one of the most common complaints. If cold air is coming via your window, even if you have installed new uPVC windows, check for faulty seals or gaps within the frame.

Trouble with Operations: In many cases, your uPVC window becomes difficult to close or open. This happens due to misalignment, issues with the hinges or handles, and sometimes, a dropped window can cause problems.

Condensation between Glazing: If you notice condensation or fogging between the panes of your window, it is a sign that the seal has failed or is malfunctioning, enabling moisture or water to enter your space.

Leaking Windows: This problem occurs when a gap between the window and the frame or if the window is not sealed. In such cases, water or moisture can enter through the gaps, causing potential damage and dampness to your property.

Fading & Discolouration: Exposure to the sun for a long time can cause your uPVC fenestration to discoloration or fade. This issue is common with darker frames such as UPVC black or grey windows and doors.

External Noise: If you happen to notice more external noise entering your house, it may exhibit problems with your double-glazing installation. Properly installed UPVC windows can provide exceptional noise reduction.

Cracks or Damage to Frames: Although UPVC is robust, it can often crack or sustain damage, especially when used for a long time and under extreme weather conditions. Look for cracks and whatnot from time to time.


Listed below are practical solutions to some of the common upvc window-related problems. While you can try to combat the issue on your own, it is advised to ask for professional help:

Fixing Draughts: In case your double-glazed windows are draughty, consider investing in exceptional seals or draught excluders. These products are designed to block gaps where draughts can enter – if the draught happens due to misalignment, adjust the hinges.

Troubleshoot Operational Problems: If your UPVC windows are not closing properly, you may need to adjust some things. This can be achieved by adjusting the hinges or lock – if the window is stuck, lubrication using oil may help. You can try adjusting the hinges to fix the misalignment for a window.

Manage Condensation: If condensation is building up between your double-glazed windows – it represents a problem with the window seal. In such cases, it is advised to get the seal replaced or, in some, the entire window unit.

Address Leaks: Check the signs for leakage to stop water from leaking into your window frame. If there is visible evidence, try replacing it. If the window is not properly sealed, consider applying an ideal sealant.

Tackle Fading & Discoloration: If you have a discolored window, a special paint or restoration product can help restore its original condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance help prevent fading in the future.

Resolve Locking Issue: For a window handle that gets stuck or won’t lock, check for obstructions in the locking mechanism and apply oil if needed. If the lock is misaligned, adjust the window to keep it in line.

Eliminate Gaps: If these exist, applying just enough filler or sealant will get the job done. Professional assistance may be needed if the gaps exist due to poor installation or a warped frame.


UPVC windows have gained immense popularity due to the benefits mentioned earlier. However, like any element in your house, they can face different problems ranging from draughts, discoloration, condensation, and operational issues. Understanding these problems and how to fix them will help you extend their shelf life.

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