AluSkin for uPVC Doors and Windows

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Colours & Elegant Design with Aluminium Skins

Our company offers a dignified aluminium pretence and is highly in trend. We bring you a stylish and broad range of sublime Aluminium Skins.

The effortless elegance of aluminium is a huge trend and uplifts the look of your living space. You can redefine the interiors with Matrix Windoors Aluminum Skin for uPVC Doors and Windows. The technique is combining the benefits of two amazing materials: The thermal insulation properties of uPVC and the modern aesthetics of aluminium. This results in high-quality and technical standards that offer a blend of beautiful design with individuality.

Why do people prefer AluSkin for uPVC Doors and Windows ?

The growing number of the market sector means a growing number of uPVC requirements. However, everything that differs from mass-produced goods costs time and money. Alu-skin reflects elegance and timeless beauty made using smart technology.

Explore premium design choices - AluSkin for uPVC Doors and Windows

We at Matrix Windoors, bring you a range of top-notch design options. uPVC windows with aluminum skin make a smart choice as they are a perfect blend of both materials: high insulating properties and profitability of uPVC material and the modern aesthetics of Aluminium.

With Matrix Windoors solutions, you can get delivered with smart solutions with elegant Alu-skin products. Our professional and top-notch services save you time, and money, and relieves stress.

We bring you an extensive range of RAL colors, design options, and more for your uPVC windows and doors.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors for Aluminum Skin for uPVC Doors and Windows ?

Living in urban India without noise and dust is impossible to imagine. With Matrix Windoors uPVC windows and doors solutions, you are set to live a peaceful urban life without compromising on your comfort. Our sleek and seamless design uplifts the aesthetics of your home’s interior as well as exterior while minimizing environmental sounds and keeping your room temperature comfortable.

Connect with Matrix Windoors for a free consultation. We deliver you fully functional and aesthetically pleasant products that will spruce up the look of your home while ensuring optimum safety.


  • It delivers an eccentric and extraordinary design.
  • It can be made in various RAL colours.
Nut Tree alu skin image

Nut Tree

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Alux DB 703

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Brown Lamination Sand Texture

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alu skin - Vermont Eiche Sepia image

Vermont Eiche Sepia

alu skin - Golden Oak image

Golden Oak