Choosing the Ideal Secure Doors for Your Home

It can be overwhelming to find a peaceful place where you can savour the quiet. The industrial units, blaring traffic, one neighbour playing loud music, and similar activities can hamper the serenity of your environment. After a hectic and chaotic day, all one can dream of is relaxing in their home. If you are wondering how to alleviate the noise and make it safe and quiet – you will find the answer here at Matrix Windoors.

The doors and windows serve as the main entry points into your home. It is important to have them designed in such a way that they provide maximum security. The material chosen to make this fenestration must be strong and secure – UPVC is the material that fits the entire prerequisite.   

Choosing the right doors for your house means more than just falling for aesthetics and style – it is important to prioritise safety. Opting for secure doors plays an integral role in improving your family’s overall security and well-being – which is why you must choose UPVC. Wondering if it’s really the best choice out there? Read on.


Safety Qualities: A crucial benefit of choosing uPVC doors is their protection against burglary and fire accidents. They feature a multi-locking system and internal core mechanism; the UPVC frames and panels play a major role in securing the property against unwanted visitors, fire mishaps, and UV rays. The material is self-extinguishing – therefore, it doesn’t encourage combustion, preventing fire spread.

Design Options: Remarkably durable and robust, UPVC windows are available in different designs, glazing and glass options to fit your needs. You can ask your trusted UPVC windows manufacturing company or our team for different styles, such as sliding, casement, and tilt-and-turn windows. You can choose from an extensive range of glasses – clear, tinted, reflective, etc.

High Insulation: UPVC sliding doors offer efficient thermal insulation in the weather of all kinds for a comfortable atmosphere within the house. These doors look classy and provide protection against pollen, scorching heat, dust, cold winds and unwanted noises. External sounds coming from traffic and neighbours can be annoying, and UPVC effectively blocks them, helping you enjoy quiet time.

Energy-Efficient: As mentioned earlier, UPVC material is a poor conductor of heat and doesn’t allow its transfer within. So, when installed properly, these secure doors and windows regulate the optimum temperature within the home, minimising the need for air conditioners and saving electricity. Compared to aluminium or wooden material, UPVC doors are more efficient in saving energy.

Low Maintenance: They demand minimum upkeep, and the UPVC surfaces are easy to clean. Extremely tough and long-lasting, the UPVC frames can endure external damaging factors and protect against fading and ultraviolet rays. High on efficiency and functionality, such windows and doors last for more than 20 years with proper care.

Eco-Friendly: The minimum life span of UPVC windows is 40 years as they are crafted using recycled material, which minimises their long-term impact on the environment. A non-toxic material designed for durability and longevity – UPVC frames are lead-free and help conserve energy. If you are environmentally conscious, invest in UPVC – they don’t leave behind a carbon footprint.


Doors are vital in every space – design, safety or quality. Everything has to be top-notch when it comes to choosing a door. Listed below are the best options:

French Doors – These have been a favourite among people due to their sleek and sophisticated design. It blends quite well with a colonial architectural design, is very secure with handles, and features a multi-locking mechanism.

Sliding Doors – They have gained popularity over traditional doors as they look fancier and consume less space. Combined with UPVC or aluminium frames, they offer an elegant look and are quite durable, secure, and corrosion-resistant.

Slide & Fold Doors – These doors are often used in large spaces and villas and can be folded at one side upon opening. They come equipped with multiple moving frames and act as a virtual wall while providing a beautiful panoramic view of the outdoors. Don’t worry! The glass panels sure look thin but are heavy-duty and feature multiple locking systems.

Casement Doors – For those who wish to savour the stunning views of the outdoors but don’t trust sliding doors, choosing casement doors will get the job done. It features a single sash hinged from the side and is designed to open inwards and outwards. They are affordable and often opt for decks and balconies.

Tilt & Slide Doors – This is a perfect twist to the conventional sliding windows as these doors can be moved back and forth effortlessly. These provide an added functionality to swing the door inward when desired – you can install them in balconies or patios to achieve a unique look.


Evaluating Security Needs – Assessing your security requirements is imperative before buying a new door. Consider your neighbourhood, its crime rate, the prevalence of robbery, and any activity in your vicinity. Assessing your lifestyle and the valuables you keep within your house is advised. Understanding your security needs will help you navigate your choices to the suitable ones and make informed decisions.

Material Matters – The material of the door plays a key role in their overall security. Listed below are some of the common materials used for doors:

UPVC Frames: Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride is a popular door material due to its remarkable properties and myriad benefits. It is a rigid plastic-type without any plasticiser, which makes it highly durable and resistant to various environmental elements.

Fiberglass Doors: These doors are a great compromise between aesthetics and security. They are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and reflect the look and feel of wood as well as other materials.

Focus on Hardware: Irrespective of how strong the door material is, its security will be compromised in the case of low-grade hardware. Pay attention to the deadbolts, door frames, hinges, and peepholes.

Choose Multi-Lock System: A multi-locking mechanism offers extra security by engaging multiple bolts when you lock the door. This makes it difficult to bypass them, giving us a robust material to improve home security.

Fire Safety: While focusing on security, it’s crucial not to overlook fire safety. Look for doors with fire-resistant properties, especially in areas like kitchens and garages where fire hazards are more common. Fire-rated doors can help contain fires and provide valuable time to evacuate safely.


Choosing the right doors for your house improves security and your family’s well-being. You can make informed decisions by carefully assessing your security needs, choosing the right material for the door, focusing on hardware, and unravelling all additional safety features. Bear in mind to inspect and evaluate the door exhibiting a multi-lock mechanism and factor in fire safety considerations. Practising these guidelines helps you increase your house’s security and lets you enjoy peace of mind!

Consult our experts at Matrix Windoors, your trusted and leading UPVC window and door manufacturer. Explore an extensive range of premium UPVC and aluminium fenestration, ensuring the protection your space deserves.

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