5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC, Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, has been used globally over the past few years. Why? Well, there are only a hundred reasons why more and more people are switching to uPVC doors and windows.

uPVC windows are effective, affordable, and efficient, unlike traditional wooden windows, they make a better choice for small to large-sized properties. All you have to do is connect with one of our experts at Matrix Windoors and get professional guidance on fitting uPVC windows. The installation process can be overwhelming, but with flawless execution, you don’t have to worry about anything. Get the perfect installation and post-installation support with competence.  

Nowadays, modern homeowners make a choice for installing casement windows for their little paradise, these aesthetically beautiful, easy-to-use, and functional windows let in ample daylight and help save a lot of space. However, if you are a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes during the process. Fret not! Avoid these 5 common mistakes when installing uPVC casement windows in your home:

FORGET TO MEASURE THE SIZE: This is the most common and first mistake anybody can make when installing casement windows. Many forget to measure their windows in the proper manner before installing the chosen window. It is advised to avoid this mistake, and you can do so by measuring the size of the window frame, ensuring that it will fit right in, and voila! You are good to go.

TAKING A DIY PROJECT: Yes, we all have come across that urge to do the installation without any outside help. While Dude Dad’s YouTube videos and Discovery episodes make it look easy, the difference between him and us is that he got to experience and skill sets, we may lack that. The journey entails a lot of complicated things and tools, which may end you up on a dead end. Avoid that by hiring an experienced professional to install casement windows.

CHOOSING A HEAVY FRAME: You should not install heavy frames. Ensure that your casement windows must not come attached to the heavy frame.  Heavy frames cause your window to break in a snap or easily, Glaziers and Window experts believe that it is better to use light-in-weight material for installing casement windows in your home. They last longer than heavy ones and are affordable.

DON’T CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOUR FOR THE FRAME: Some people don’t choose the perfect colour for the window frame. This is another mistake that many make. You must pick the right window frame and colour for the casement windows. Let your interior designer or fenestration professional help you out with the decision on choosing the colour for the window frame.

NOT BUYING FROM THE REPUTED MANUFACTURERS: While this may seem like we’re trying to endorse ourselves, but it is the fact. You should find the best uPVC window and door manufacturers such as Matrix Windoors, or any service provider with a good reputation and 5-star rating. When you work with the best, you get delivered with top-tier installation and post-installation support. Go through their reviews and testimonials to understand their service quality and reputation better.

Keep the common mistakes mentioned in this uPVC window installation guide in mind to experience a great and smooth installation service.

Wrap it up!

Bad installation, as we already know, is the source of 70% of the challenges with uPVC doors and windows. The final phase of the installation solutions is considered a significant one, which always should be approached with care.

With years of experience and skill sets, our professional designs, create and, delivers perfectly constructed uPVC doors and windows in different colours, patterns, and designs. 

Connect with the experts at Matrix Windoors, and get a free consultation!

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