4 Kitchen Window Styles for you to Explore!

Whether to cook or to eat, one spends a lot of their time in the kitchen, which is why, it is important to install the best and smooth functioning windows for the cooking space. Renovating the kitchen offers a sense of new life and energy into your vintage kitchen. Kitchen remodelling plans can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

When you have been scrolling through Pinterest looking for that one dreamy kitchen inspiration, while this may take a lot of your time and energy, it is impossible to settle down on one design. You could have chosen that one perfect cabinet for your cooking isle but couldn’t choose the kitchen window. Fret not! Connect with Matrix Windoors, ask them about fabulous kitchen window ideas over sink and let our professionals help you make a perfect choice.

Talking about the windows, they leave a large influence on the sense of openness, and lighting, and make a feel of a space. Those who are planning to bring a unique sense to your windows-uPVC windows await you.

However, before you make the final decision, go through the list below once to understand the right window style for your kitchen:

Garden Windows: They are a classic choice for the kitchen, creating a sense of mini-greenhouse for small plants. You can install such windows behind the sink or washing basin to make extra space and display the little decorative pottery making the space look cute and everything. Since window doors swing open outward, they create excellent ventilation in the kitchen. If you have a traditional home, this is the perfect style for that.

Sliding Window: Slider windows are like double-hung windows on their side, which means if you are looking for window styles that can open easily without much effort. They are handy, so if you have one hand covered in dough, you can open it with your ‘pinky’ finger. Slider windows allow you to maximise the view from your kitchen- that’s out into your backyard or the city. The reason why many prefer sliding windows is they offer an uninterrupted landscape.

Casement Windows: For that open space look that offers ventilation and natural light, you can consider choosing Casement windows. They are significantly popular in the kitchen since they can be easily opened and closed, even in tight spaces. Casement windows allow one to enjoy that large view of the backyard, instead of requiring you to force open a window to let in the fresh breeze and natural light. It offers a wide view along with a robust security mechanism, so you don’t even have to worry about the intrusion. This makes a timeless and beautiful option for your kitchen.

Double-Hung Windows: Lastly, the sleek and classic option, double-hung windows are one of the best choices in the market. You may already have this style in one of the rooms in your house, you can open the window from either the top or the bottom. Conventionally, they feature panes of glass while playing around with the panes or the material used. Double-hung windows, however, require two hands to operate, which can be challenging if installed across your sink.

Now that we have covered the four window styles, head over to us and discuss your home improvement plan with our professionals. 

We have in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and skill sets that we use to help you offer the best kitchen window idea.

We at Matrix Windoors have a team of professionals who design, deliver, and install the top-class uPVC fenestration solutions at your home. Get on the way to constructing your healthy home, uPVC is the key to bringing that sense of aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and security.

What are you waiting for? Contact for a free consultation and get a quote!

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