How to Choose a Noise-Proof Window for Your Home?

The realm of architecture has witnessed new advancements over time, and one of the biggest hits has been the usage of glass. While they make your home look stunning, they make it sound-proof keeping the unwanted noise as well as debris out. There was a time when it came to be considered an infeasible solution in India however, nowadays manufacturers have come up with sound-proof and sturdy glass that makes it impossible for sound to travel through and protects from intrusion. If you are planning to choose soundproof windows for your home, then this post is just for you.

What is the noise-proof uPVC window?

Buying and installing noise-proof uPVC windows in the house or commercial building is a great way of enjoying the best of both worlds. Enjoy the amazing aesthetics in a peaceful environment. These windows don’t have regular glass, they come equipped with special soundproof glass that works in two ways- while bounces off the unwanted noise, it absorbs much of the noise within. Noise-proof glass is also known as acoustic glass which is created by blending two layers of glass with PVB, Polyvinyl Butyral. It works in a unique manner, the PVB stops any frequency or sound from vibrating from external to the second pane. This is how it stops the sound from travelling through.

What are the aspects to consider when investing in noise reduction windows?

Soundproof or noise-proof windows help you with numerous things, however, it is advised to consider the listed below aspects when buying soundproof windows:

Better Noise Reduction: The primary benefit of getting soundproof windows for your office or home is that it allows blocking external noise that is related to traffic, pedestrians, construction sites, and more by providing sound insulation. Noise-proof windows create a strong protective layer that is claimed to block external noise by 90%. With noise reduction uPVC windows, you can rest assured that your home is in a safe and protective bubble.

Incredible Safety: A lot of people question the safety of large glass windows in homes; however, noise-proof windows are extremely safe. Wonder why? They come equipped with acoustic glass which is a kind of laminated glass, which means they are durable and super strong. Soundproof or noise-proof glass is generally tougher than conventional glass and comes with thickness, making it safe for you to reside indoors stress-free.

Better Comfort: For those who live in cities or places with extreme temperatures, getting a Low-E coating on your noise-proof glass will make your home into a cosy isle. This coating is used by many to prevent heat from entering your house. Since it reflects the heat, your home stays cool and in winters, the low-E coating prevents the heat from escaping and keeps your home warm and comfortable. Imagine all the money you will save on energy bills.

UV Protection: You may not know but noise-proof windows protect you as well as your family from harsh UV rays and infrared rays. Getting these high-quality laminated noise-proof windows will block all the harmful rays while keeping you safe. Additionally, installing a laminated noise reduction window will protect your rugs, fabrics, upholstery, rugs, and furniture from the damage of UV and IR rays.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, if you are looking forward to buying the best noise-proof window for your home or office? Consult our professionals today to book a free consultation session.

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