Windows and Door Trends in 2021

Sit by a picture window, create your own reading nook, sip your coffee as the world passes you by. Sounds like a perfect setting? Yes, it is. Doors manufacturers around the world have seen a paradigm shift in the design language over the years. When initially doors and windows were essentially used to shut out the outside, the designs were made to ensure just that. But now the design perspective is changing, people are welcoming more open spaces within their homes.

Let there be light

In modern residential settlements, where people are living in high rises, the scope of open spaces is very limited. Also, the need for more space is constantly there. Designed for nuclear families, these apartments are more practical and hence the dwellers constantly look for options like uPVC balcony doors to ensure the right balance between open spaces and enclosed areas. These hybrid doors are ideal to get in the much-needed natural sunlight inside the house. Did you know that difference in lights also affects the mood of people? For those staying in places with shorter days or during the colder weather large windows, French doors are especially popular now.

During the pandemic, most of us were stuck at home. This saw a surge in many mood swings due to enclosed spaces. More and more people are now leaning towards natural lighting and hence the need for such doors and windows.

Creating Multifunctional Spaces

uPVC doors and windows in Delhi offer the flexibility of designs. People wish to create spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a balcony can be converted into an extended living room or can be covered to act as a storage space occasionally. Ideal Home magazine foretells ‘bringing the outdoors in’ as a trend for 2021. With more people working from home now, the need for increased space will heighten up. Many manufacturers like Matrix Windoors, offer Multi Sliding Doors. When open, these doors stack side-by-side near to occupy a seamless transition. When opened, they offer ample natural lighting and fresh air inside. Such a kind of design is required in cities with two extreme climate conditions like Delhi. They can shut out the rain and bitterly cold winds when you need them while still offering light for your space.


More and more people are becoming conscious of their carbon print on the Earth. They wish to use a material that is durable and long-lasting. Material like uPVC offers them durability and minimal maintenance and hence the designers are incorporating the same. Whether it is offices or homes, sustainability is another trend that we will see in 2021.

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