Trends in uPVC Doors and Windows

Fenestration industry is a kind of industry where trends keep changing according to new design innovations and technological advancements. The trends have been changing from aluminium or wooden to uPVC doors and windows. uPVC windows are here to stay! uPVC is a kind of material which has a lot of applications and advantages. It is also very versatile and hence is very popular all around India. uPVC has become the first choice for builders, homeowners and architects.

With one and a half-decade of premium service backed by Aluplast’s high-end German technology, Matrix Windoors is a leader in making your space a better and fully functional space. Our uPVC doors and windows solutions would cater to all your needs, name a design and we will have it for you. If you are looking for uPVC doors and windows in Delhi, we should be your first choice!

What Makes uPVC So Different?

uPVC as we earlier mentioned has many applications and features which makes it so good. uPVC provides acoustic and thermal insulation and seals the weather keeping a difference between inside and outside temperature. With this feature, you can chill inside your house while it’s hot outside as uPVC does its work of balancing the temperature. Materials like wood or aluminium completely fail in this department and which is why uPVC is in the trend. uPVC seals the weather and keeps the inside warm when it’s cold outside. This feature is due to the multiple frames and the gasket mechanism which prevents leakage of heat. 

uPVC windows and doors come in a variety of colour options. Colour never fades on uPVC, hence making it all look new. Nowadays, homeowners want colours which complement the theme of their houses and want many colour shades for their doors and windows. uPVC makes the paint to get bound to itself, making it hard to fade-off. 

 uPVC is such a versatile material that almost any kind of window and door designs could be made. From sliding windows and doors to casket windows to french doors, any design could be made with ease to fit the customer’s design preferences. 

uPVC is soundproof. With some tweaks, while manufacturing doors and windows made of uPVC, noise could be reduced up to 80-90%. This makes uPVC has its application in commercial spaces like auditoriums, clubs and more.

All of the above features of uPVC makes it such great material for doors and windows. All of this at a very low cost and minimum maintenance. Ask your uPVC windows dealer for best uPVC windows, they would suggest Matrix Windoors. 

Matrix Windoors has all the latest designs and technologies using which they have become windows and doors manufacturers. We offer different types of uPVC windows and doors for all kinds of space, be it office space, commercial space or your home. Contact us to get a quote and get your space designed by the best in the business.

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