Aluminium Windows And Doors

When the sun’s gentle rays illuminate our world outside – your home needs a gateway that blends aesthetics and sustainability. Welcome aluminium windows and doors and savour the modern marvels that serve elegance combined with efficiency. This architectural creation adorns your living space’s sleek charm while bestowing countless advantages. Step into the world of cutting-edge creations that improve your space’s efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. Explore our exclusive Aluminium collection!

Sophisticated, easy to use and robust are a few of the qualities that aluminium windows and doors stand for. Aluminium windows feature highly resistant qualities that can withstand all climatic changes, locking mechanisms, and sleek looks that make them popular. Matrix Windoors, being the leading and largest manufacturer and supplier, extends the highest quality of aluminium windows and doors in India. We provide our clients with bespoke fenestration to give your home a minimalist yet ultra-modern style.

Benefits of Aluminium Doors And Windows

Aluminium is naturally strong, therefore, offers improved security for your property. It can withstand external forces and extends robust safety mechanisms, enhancing security.

For contemporary home makeovers, aluminum is versatile; customizable for any window or door size, it offers varied finishes through powder-coating, suiting all design challenges.

Aluminium frames are designed using thermal breaks and cutting-edge insulation techniques, which reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency. Experience comfort with Matrix Windows.

Our Aluminium windows and doors are durable and require minimal maintenance. They are highly resistant to weathering, corrosion, and fading, eradicating the need for frequent repairs.

Aluminium is an eco-friendly material, which makes it a green option. Recycling demands only a fraction of energy and resources for production, with plummeting environmental impact.

Aluminium frames are designed using thermal breaks and cutting-edge insulation techniques, which reduce heat transfer and improve energy efficiency. Experience comfort with Matrix Windows.

Our Aluminium Windows And Doors Products

A 67mm, thermal break window and door system, suitable for all building types, satisfying different styles of modern aesthetics.

A 56mm, thermal break window and door system, ideal for the refurbishment of old wooden or PVC windows.

A 45mm overlapping window and door system, both inside and outside opening.


A 40mm series outward opening casement windows both in flush and double overlap version with a choice of with and without glazing bead option.

An aluminium-wood, thermal break window and door system.


A non-insulated, bullet-proof window and door system, suitable for all environments where passive safety is required.


A non-insulated, anti-burglar system for windows and doors to ensure maximum safety.


Matrix Windoors’ exclusive range of aluminium windows and doors bring an architectural edge to your space while improving overall performance and functionality. Our windows are manufactured using premium quality material that keeps pollution, dust and external factors away. Being the leading manufacturer of aluminium windows, our team ensures that our customers have the flexibility of choosing goods as per their unique needs. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” – we extend bespoke fenestration solutions.

aluminium windows and doors

Our Installation Process

Our experts measure the openings, remove the existing windows, prepare the area, and install the frames, and sealant is applied. Our installers make sure of a precise installation, maximizing performance and energy-efficient.

Maintenance and Care

  • Regularly clean your frames and glass surface using a soft cloth and a mild soap solution.
  • Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning supplies.
  • Lubricate handles, hinges, and locks annually.
  • Inspect the sealant and gasket for any sign of damage or leaks.
  • Keep the tracks free from dirt and debris.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which aluminium window is best?

While the best aluminium window depends on different factors – functionality, preferences, and specific needs, you can consult our professionals to make an informed decision. 

What is the disadvantage of aluminium windows?

While aluminium windows have a few drawbacks, one of the significant disadvantages is their relatively poor insulation aspects, unlike other window materials. Since they are highly conductive materials, they transfer heat and cold easily, affecting your home’s energy efficiency.

Which is better: PVC or aluminium windows?

The decision between PVC and Aluminium windows can be complex, depending on individuals’ preferences and needs. PVC windows stand for their exceptional insulation and low maintenance, while Aluminium windows extend durability while providing a sleek look. Aspects like aesthetics, energy efficiency, and budget-friendliness help determine which option is better. 

Is the aluminium window waterproof?

Aluminium windows are not naturally waterproof since water can easily penetrate via gaps, especially if properly sealed. When appropriately installed under expert supervision and with quality weatherproofing practices, aluminium windows effectively prevent water penetration, which makes them ideal for extreme Indian weather conditions.