Window Maintenance Tips for your Living Space

Importance of Maintenance

It is an accepted fact the home isn’t complete without the presence of doors and windows. However, they are vital aspects to consider if you want to keep your space classy, comfortable, and free of inconveniences.

It is known to us that maintaining the best uPVC windows is necessary to stand up to their life expectancy and keep it free of any wear or tear losses. Proper maintenance might enhance the condition or shape. It can extend the longevity of the profiles. Hence the windows and doors of every corner of your home require care and regular maintenance.

Measures of maintenance

  • Cleaning of Window panels and frames

Cleaning is the first step towards the maintenance of your window. The primary thing to consider while cleaning windows directly impacts the environment, i.e., both exterior and interior. Hence, this requires cleanliness and maintenance.

  • Proper monitored care of Windows rollers and tracks

After the maintenance of window panels, it is a prior need to clean the rollers and tracks of the frame. The window may have dirt, moisture, debris, and spider webs. This is very much prone in 3 track sliding windows.

  • Lubrication of the hardware components

The case of various types of windows, which are generally equipped with hinges, locks, handles, and other accessories, require frequent lubrication so that the parts function smoothly. 

  • Maintenance of the weeping system

Keeping a check on weep holes blockage is necessary by pouring some water into the interior sill track. It reduces the blockage of water.

  • Checking the condition of Sealant

At the time of cleaning windows, do check the areas of the window frame. Suppose you acknowledge any gaps around it or sealants deteriorating due to the entrance of air in and out. In that case, this affects the energy efficiency and permits moisture to enter, which can be a reason for damage shortly.

  • Replacing broken glass of windows

If you witness any kind of breakage, it is advisable to replace it urgently before it causes any accidents.

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