Reasons for uPVC Fenestration Popularity

Windows and doors are an integral part of the home, for time immemorial. Fenestration breathes life into your space while literally opening up doors to natural light and fresh air. Long gone are the days when people had no choice for doors and windows, restricting them to change the look and feel of their entrance or window area. However, times have changed and so have the fenestration options.

Doors and windows are the focal points that help elevate the quality, aesthetics and functionality of the home. The scenario nowadays is completely different, and thanks to the availability of hundreds of windows and doors, more and more homeowners are making a switch to uPVC fenestration solutions. With different kinds of windows and doors, there’s one unique variety of fenestration that will make your space look chic and well together.

uPVC windows and doors are rated ‘A’ for low-maintenance, energy efficiency, and good insulators. This dramatically diminishes the need to invest in heaters or even ACs (Air-Conditioners) in your room to balance the temperature. Both glass and the frame of the window work in this direction- uPVC holds low-thermal conductivity and has high-grade silicone sealant to prevent heat transfer/ when installed with low-E glass as well as energy-efficiency, they have become one of the best and ultimate thermal comfort solutions.

While this should be enough to understand the uPVC fenestration popularity, the following are the unique benefits that you should know:


Are you planning to pump up the security of your home? If yes, install uPVC windows and doors to improve overall security and safety. uPVC doors have an anti-crowbar feature that works great against intruders. Nobody can break into your home or force their way into your home. While the glass is super sturdy, the frames will be made using galvanized steel that guarantees structural stability and better security. Additionally, they are fire-proof and scratch resistant, which protects your home even in the event of a fire mishap.


There’s nothing worse nowadays than living right beside or on a noisy street. It can pose a huge distraction and an annoying element to your peaceful living. uPVC windows and doors are great insulators of sound while helping you create a calm and cosy ambience. Since they come with thermal insulative properties, they don’t let the warmth escape your home on a cold winter evening. While they work great during winter, they are just as useful during hot weather as they keep the interiors cool.


Crafting a robust and aesthetic space is always our priority, especially during a home renovation project. Our experts take care of the job with the utmost ease. They come installed with salt water, chemical and UV-resistant properties that help the window and doors last longer, and for a couple of decades. They are 100% resistant to termites, therefore don’t require a layer of protective coating.


Do you want trendy fenestration solutions that can brighten up the complete look of your home? If yes, consult our professionals at Matrix Windoors. Available in a myriad of patterns, colours, shades, and styles, they add a visual appeal to your space instantly. Owing to the flexibility of the uPVC, windows and doors are fully personalised right from the style of the window frame to the type of glass that you want to install. With a multitude of options from window designs such as bay windows, tilt-n-turn, casements, etc.

For those who are looking for windows to complement the interior design with stylish yet top-notch uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in Delhi, Consult our professionals. We extend the best and most durable fenestration solutions to our clients catering to their safety, privacy, acoustic comfort, energy efficiency, and more. 

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