Popular Sliding Glass Door Designs For Your Home

uPVC Sliding doors are commonly used in modern homes. They don’t take a lot of space and are efficient. These sliding glass doors are perfect for houses with minimum space since the doors can open and close without being too bulky.

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uPVC sliding doors also allow a lot of natural light to come through. It illuminates the entire room and also brings in the fresh air. They are twice the size of regular windows, and you need door length curtains for it. It gives you an illusion of having more space than it actually is.

Let’s take a look at some popular glass door designs from your home.

  1. Kuppersmith Home: These are custom designed doors that open at the backyard or garden of the house with its double door feature. The screen can be out of sight when not in use, and the glass doors look beautiful.
  2. Hinge House: In this case, the sliding glass door is single and perfect for bedrooms. It gives quite a modern and elegant look to your room.
  3. Overlooking terrace: The glass doors open at the terrace. With 3 track sliding windows it gives you an uninterrupted view of the terrace and the scenery beyond it. You can experience a gorgeous view of the terrace right from your bedroom with these sliding doors. Just imagine, the sunrays falling right on your face when you wake up in the winters. The glass doors lighten up your room naturally.
  4. Tarrytown Pavilion: The glass doors act like walls here. This design is a perfect choice if your living room is opening up to a swimming pool. The sectional sliders give it a minimalistic look to it and allow a lot of natural light to come in.
  5. Eastern Point Pool Retreat: This glass door design gives you a beautiful view of the pool outside and the view beyond it. The doors look modern and elegant in a holiday farmhouse.
  6. Wide separator: This glass door design is used to divide the living room area and dining area. The thick frames of black or white colour give the house a posh look. The sliding doors offer dual utility by acting as a separator and a vision on the other side as well. They are also affordable compared to wooden dividers.
  7. Diva Air Sliding system: This design is perfect for a bathroom or a bedroom door. It makes the room look fantastic. It is preferred more for office cabin spaces than homes.
  8. Wardrobe Charm: The sliding doors give a stylish entrance to your walk-in closet. They are designed to be in sync with the glass windows so that the look of the room is uniform. Your clothes and accessories are just a slide away. You can choose your dress without getting inside the closet. It gives a classy and modern feel to your wardrobe.

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These are some of the many sliding glass door designs you can check out for your home and make it look elegant and modern.

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