Outdoor Window Designs: Enhance Your Home’s Exterior with Style

Many wonder if window and door styles hold power to influence the home. The saying ‘Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover’ doesn’t work when it comes to windows and doors of the home. With summer knocking on the door, home buyers and those who are planning to renovate their haven feel overwhelmed choosing the right fenestration. With cutting-edge and feature-loaded fenestration design options, you can boost the look and feel of the home in the best possible manner. There’s no denying that fenestration plays a key role in defining the structure of a house. Choosing visually appealing windows and doors helps improve the ventilation, look, and adequate light. 

This season’s latest trend is finding perfect uPVC windows and doors; their incredible properties have taken the market by storm. Be it an industrial, commercial, or residential building, installing uPVC fenestration will add great value to the look and feel of the site. Matrix Windoors extend a selection of quality windows and doors that are weather resistant, energy-efficient, aesthetically appealing, functional, and robust. You can share ideas with front window design photos to get what you desire.

What door styles suit you best?

Once you have considered the benefits and drawbacks of various materials used for doors, consider the front door sizes and styles. From a design perspective, a door should blend well with the interior style. In case you have a craftsman home or one with traditional colonial interiors, perhaps you are looking for a contemporary-style home. You could be looking for a French door for a period property. However, most designs encourage finding a door design that blends well with your home. Share your window design ideas for your home.

What doors are features imperative?

Filtering the choice down for your new door by the right style and material is a great starting point, but there are various design features in the name of personal preference. For example, if natural light is one of your goals, then you can look for doors with large glass panes. Or maybe you are looking for fenestration with ornate detailing to compliment your front garden. Many front doors have surrounding windows providing ample natural light to an entryway. Many times homeowners buy doors and windows simultaneously.

Why do UPVC windows and doors have tremendous value?

Incredible Design & Function: The fenestration no longer opts for their looks and functions. Instead, they are more about style and the assorted benefits that they offer. In comparison to the traditional material, uPVC fenestration comes equipped with exceptional functionality, aesthetics, designs, and styles that work well for the space requirement of any home.

Security: These doors and windows come equipped with a multi-locking system, and triple and special glazing, offer added safety and security for the home. UPVC, as aforementioned, is a self-extinguishing material that helps protect your home from fire accidents. However, our team recommends keeping lanterns and earthen lamps away from UPVC.

Colors: People don’t have specific preferences in terms of fenestration for their homes. Especially during the festive season, when colors and interior décor play a key role- the diverse colors, finishing, patterns, and textures provided by Matrix Windoors. Homeowners can explore our selection and pick the one that fits right with their home. 

Eco-Friendly: uPVC windows and doors help reduce carbon footprint, making the home energy-efficient and saving money. So, if you are planning to renovate your home or spruce up the look of your house with sustainable products, uPVC fenestration for outdoor window design will work great.

Are there any window design ideas for your home?

UPVC fenestration is a sensational hit as they help well in making a perfect impression on your guests, visitors, and passers-by. They are a perfect choice for elevating structural integrity as well as adding a new life to the house. To make a process easy and quick, the following are the best window and door design ideas:

French Doors & Windows: Highly durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance- if these are the qualities that you need, then uPVC French doors are a perfect choice. In addition to these features, these are sound-proof and come equipped with a multi-lock system.

Sliding Doors & Windows: These windows open from the sides, and it slides to one side of the frame. Unlike trending styles for uPVC doors, these doors and windows are the best and most cost-effective fenestration option that offers an unhindered view. With very minute chances of operational failure, these are highly durable and help with energy saving.

Casement Windows: These amazing windows come equipped with a single or double vertical sash. The casement windows open inwards or outwards and have a minimalistic design that provides ample light and ventilation. 

Are there any tips to keep in mind when choosing a front door design?

Evaluate the Quality: With the growing demand for uPVC doors, more and more manufacturers are catering to them. However, it is important that you discover as much as possible about the product’s features, quality, and snags before you buy it from a provider.

Look for Approvals: Many national as well as international bodies are assigned to check, test, and approve the quality of products. Well, along with the aforesaid tip, ensure to check for those seals of approval before you invest in uPVC fenestration solutions. Find out if the product is scrutinized or not.

Check for Warranties: It is imperative to invest in a product that comes with a good warranty. It is beneficial when you make a bulk purchase for a commercial aim or a large project. Look for reputed brands or manufacturers that provide top-tier quality and authenticity via a strong warranty policy.

Safety Assurance & Experience: Another thing to keep in mind is to know if the uPVC manufacturing company holds a credible license and 3 to 4 years of experience. They must fulfill global safety standards and comply with all the regulations.

Hit the Showroom: As the industry is flooded with manufacturers and fenestration solution providers, you can find the best product by visiting their showrooms. It works better when you shop in person; look for the sound-proof uPVC door and windows. 


An entryway is an integral part of the structure and more than a door, so for those looking for ideal front window design ideas that can bring comfort, grace, and splendour to your home, consult Matrix Windoors. We provide a myriad of visually appealing and top-tier quality windows and doors. We offer uPVC and aluminum substrates. 


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