Let’s Bust Major UPVC Myths About Sliding Doors

Are you hunting for a strong and elegant fenestration solution? Do you need something that looks rich and helps save space? While this is not an unusual choice nowadays, despite the location or neighbourhood you reside in, most of them fall short of square footage. Real estate in mini-metro and metropolitan cities can be costly, which is why you need to invest in smart solutions for a rich experience.

While the uPVC windows and doors are a superior choice and popular in the market these days, many myths tagged along. Functional and stunning fenestration solutions make a crucial contribution to any space, which is why; we are busting the major myths about uPVC sliding doors for you.

#1 Myth: uPVC Windows Leak

False. Sliding windows do not leak; they are produced with top standards and neat specifications for your space and are weather-proof. Despite the condition, weather or situation you put them through, they are made of top-notch quality material and can withstand any condition. Make sure you hire professionals for quality installation and call the team of experts to ensure optimum weather resistance. A properly structured and precisely installed uPVC sliding windows and doors never leak.

#2 Myth: Difficult to Operate

Another baseless claim against uPVC sliding windows is incorrect. They have user-friendly operations; one can easily open and shut the door. There is no need for annual maintenance for greasing the hinges or latches, and no need to put your muscles through misery reaching out the bolts placed at an odd location to push the windows. However, large sliding windows that once existed often used to get stuck in the frame track, fortunately! All of those problems are gone now. We get an extra-smooth track with easy to operate designs.

#3 Myth: uPVC windows are Bulky

The myth nobody needs to worry about is, Sliding windows nowadays come in sleek and chic styles with a very narrow sightline. Framing around the glazing is going smaller and the weight is going lighter nowadays, which means bulky and heavy sliding windows are old news. Today, even the slight bulkiness is out of the question. Material upgrades, cutting-edge technology, and sleek frames for uPVC sliding and top-hung windows provide you with the freedom to your fenestration feel, look and design. 

#4 Myth: uPVC Seals You Inside

False. uPVC sliding windows are not completely airtight and allow a small amount of air in and out for ventilation. It doesn’t entirely shut you out from oxygen or air, and it is impossible for any window to seal the home. Trust the experts, you wouldn’t want that anyway, it is important to have a tiny space for breathing otherwise you will be inhaling recycled air (not healthy!). 

Now that we have busted 4 common myths about uPVC associated with sliding doors and windows, use this knowledge as power and invest in top-quality uPVC solutions. 

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