Complete Guide to uPVC Doors and Windows Maintenance

In this world of modern architecture, UPVC has emerged as a ground-breaking material for fenestration. It offers myriad benefits ranging from durability, energy-efficiency to aesthetic appeal. As we at Matrix Windoors aim to create a green and comfy living space, our team offers superior quality uPVC fenestration solutions that leave a positive impact on your house and the environment. In this comprehensive post, you will learn the importance of UPVC, their benefits and how to maintain UPVC doors and windows.


Longevity: uPVC is known for its remarkable durability. Unlike conventional wooden fenestration, UPOVC doesn’t rot, corrode or warp over time. This inherent strength ensures that these fixtures withstand the test of time, which makes them a perfect choice for homeowners.

Energy-Efficiency: UPVC, being an exceptional insulator, makes it an integral part of energy-efficient houses. The material’s natural insulation nature help regulate the indoor environment, reducing any requirement for heating or cooling. This results in lower energy consumption and utility bills.

Noise Reduction: uPVC doors and windows offer impressive noise-reducing properties, which makes them an ideal choice for urban properties sitting in noisy areas. The insulation capabilities of UPVC contribute to crafting a serene and peaceful living environment within your house. 

Low Maintenance: One of the exceptional features of UPVC fixtures is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike wooden fenestration, which demands regular painting, cleaning and sealing – uPVC only requires occasional cleaning to retain its original aesthetic and functionality.

Aesthetic Versatility: uPVC doors and windows are available in different colours, styles and designs. This versatility enables homeowners to find the perfect fit for their architectural preferences, improving the overall curb appeal of their houses.


Sustainability: uPVC is an eco-friendly choice because of its recyclable nature. It can be reused and reprocessed to craft new products, minimizing the demand for new raw materials. By choosing uPVC doors and windows, house owners help reduce the strain on natural resources.

Energy-Efficiency: As aforementioned, the energy-efficient properties of UPVC contribute to a reduction in energy consumption. This indirectly helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering the impact of climate change.

Reduced Deforestation: Opting for uPVC frames over traditional wooden frames help curb deforestation, an integral environmental concern. By reducing the need for wood-based products, house owners play a role in preserving the green on our planet and the biodiversity they support.

Durability: The durability and long lifespan of UPVC fixtures mean fewer replacements are required over time. This reduces the production of new materials and the associated energy consumption, therefore lowering the environmental footprint.

uPVC windows and doors have gained immense popularity in modern construction due to their energy efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal. To ensure the durability and optimal performance of these fixtures and regular maintenance is paramount.


1.Cleanliness: Regular cleaning is the cornerstone of UPVC maintenance- start by dusting off any loose debris or dirt with a soft brush. Mix a mild solution of warm water and dish soap, a soft cloth or a sponge; gently wipe down the frames, hardware and glass. Avoid using abrasive cleaning supplies, bleach, and chemicals, as they can damage the UPVC material. A routine cleaning schedule will prevent the accumulation of grime, maintaining the aesthetics of your window and doors.

2.Hardware Lubrication: Locks, hinges, handles and other hardware components play an integral role in the functionality and aesthetics of fenestration. Over time, these parts become stiff or squeaky. To prevent this, you can apply a silicone-based lubricant to locks and hinges. This ensures smooth operation and extend the lifespan of your fixtures. Be cautious not to use oil-based lubricants as they drive dust and debris.

3.Inspecting and Maintaining Sealant: the seals and weather-stripping properties around your uPVC windows and doors are essential for maintaining energy efficiency. Regularly inspect these seals for any sign of cracks, wear or gaps. In case you notice any issues, replace the damaged seals whenever possible. This small step can go a long way in preventing energy loss and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

4.Glass Maintenance: UPVC windows and doors with glass panels play a key role in their overall aesthetics and visibility. To maintain their clarity and looks, use a mild glass cleaner and dip the microfiber cloth in the solution for streak-free cleaning. Avoid using abrasive materials that can scratch the glass or damage the frame.

6.Handle Discoloration: uPVC is known for its resilience; however, it can still develop stains or discolouration over time. Pay attention to these issues promptly to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your fixtures. For tougher stains, you create a paste using baking soda and water. Apply the paste onto the affected area, scrub gently and then rinse with clean water.

7.Preventing Sun Damage: While UPVC is designed to be UV resistant, prolonged exposure under intense sunlight can cause warping and fading over time. To prevent this, consider using blinds, curtains or UV protective films on your windows. This protects your UPVC fixtures while improving your home’s energy efficiency.

8.Professional Maintenance: While UPVC maintenance can be handled by homeowners, it is a smart idea to hire professional inspections annually. Technicians can identify issues that might go unnoticed and offer specialized care for your uPVC frames. Doing so can improve the lifespan of your UPVC fixtures, saving you a lot of money in the long run.


If you are planning to search “uPVC doors and windows near me”, – we’re here in NCR, offering you an extensive range of aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, and highly functional UPVC fenestration solutions. You don’t have to worry about your UPVC frames losing their integrity for years to come – regular cleaning, seal inspection, proper lubrication and addressing issues promptly are key steps in preserving the beauty of UPVC windows and doors. With very little effort, you can savour the benefits of these modern fittings while improving the comfort and value of your house. 

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