Common Window Patterns of uPVC for Kitchen

Windows and doors are an integral part of the structure. They are essential for aesthetics or décor but also play a major role in letting in ample sunlight and ventilation. uPVC windows have gained immense popularity over the past few years, along with their infrastructural brilliance, uPVC windows and doors come equipped with incredible properties that make them weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and low maintenance.

Now, for those who are looking forward to revamping their kitchen, UPVC windows are the best choice. The kitchen is the place where you spend a major amount of time- cooking meals, baking, frying, brewing coffee, etc. You would want a visually appealing, comfortable, and practical kitchen that is airy enough not to choke you up on the smoke. Using the right fenestration for the kitchen makes a massive difference. When your kitchen is poorly ventilated, you may suffocate due to cooking smoke that impacts the atmosphere.

uPVC is a form of plastic that is sturdy, hard, and known as the rigid form of PVC. They stand for Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride and offer numerous benefits being energy-efficient, low maintenance, durable, and affordable. Due to their remarkable benefits and features, uPVC doors and windows have been widely used in the architectural market. You can find quality, durable, and sleek-looking windows and doors made of uPVC for kitchen.

Listed below are some of the popular and widely used uPVC windows for the kitchen. Let’s have a quick look:

Double-Hung Windows: As given, this type of kitchen window has two sashes that allow the user to open it in both ways-horizontally and vertically. They open from both ends- top and bottom, making way for ample light and air. They are versatile, sleek, and functional, which makes them extremely popular. Open windows are a potential hazard, especially when there are little kids in the house, they might try to open the window when nobody’s looking. Double-hung windows have multiple safety latches that prevent the window from being opened more than 5 inches. Avert a crisis in the kitchen with Matrix Windoors!

Awning Windows: The kitchen is the only space with better ventilation than other rooms in the home. Due to the presence of humid air, steam, oil splashes and heat, it is important for homeowners to create an exit path for themselves. Awning kitchen windows act as a way for the humid air to escape without consuming too much of the wall space. You can have them installed at the ceiling for better benefits, and are traditionally used as ventilators. Despite the size of the kitchen, uPVC awning windows are the trusted and best solution for your kitchen space. 

Picturesque Windows:  To make your kitchen space just as stunning as your living room, installing picturesque windows makes the best choice. They extend a streamlined look with a wide-open view enjoying the beauty of the outdoors as you cook. You can get full-length hinged windows, allowing maximum light to enter the kitchen. They make the perfect choice for congested or poorly ventilated kitchens. This kind of uPVC window focuses on aesthetics as given, they are one of the best and preferred by many, especially those with an open-concept modular kitchen.

Casement Windows: uPVC casement kitchen windows are the perfect choice despite the space and style of your kitchen. They have high-efficient, smooth operation and aesthetic looks, it opens up towards the right or the left and can open outward. There is always enough space adjacent to the window, which can be used to keep the stove and indoor planets. UPVC casement windows are pragmatic and a classic choice for modular kitchens of all sizes and types.

Choose the right window style for the kitchen that can elevate the décor while adding to the functionality. If this seems challenging, consult our professionals at Matrix Windoors to get the best uPVC windows and doors to add a classy look to your kitchen space. 


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