5 Common Myths About uPVC doors and Windows

The uPVC doors and windows are equipped with style and high performance. As per today’s requirement, the sophisticated and well-maintained uPVC profiles fit best into the customer’s space.

Here we have mentioned five myths about the uPVC windows and doors. One of the most rumored myths is – are uPVC windows toxic?? Such myths are influential and might create confusion at the time of selection of perfect profiles.

  • They are manufactured with plastic – myth

The assumption is that uPVC doors and windows are built from plastic and are not capable of handling strong forces. It is a false assumption. The uPVC itself is an answer to this myth and expands as ‘Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride’. Therefore, the prime chemicals used in the profiles is salt and there is no use of cheap plastic.

  • uPVC is toxic to the environment – myth

The fact is that uPVC windows are helping immensely to cut down the carbon footprints. These profiles do not contain plastic and therefore are not at all harmful to the environment. The uPVC profiles are built with highly eco-friendly materials with commendable insulation properties. The doors and windows are recycled easily even after usage that leaves no distress to the environment.

  • uPVC profiles require high maintenance – myth

It is false that the profiles require high maintenance. They are standardized and can be maintained very easily. Hence, the maintenance required is comparatively low.

  • uPVC windows provide the undesirable look – myth

uPVC windows provide a stunning and stylish look at every glance. It is the best profile that can come along with your space. They are sturdy and reliable with an epitome of elegance.

  • uPVC windows are highly expensive-myth

The truth is that uPVC windows and doors are affordable when the price is compared to conventional windows. It is available at reasonable prices and fits the budget of homeowners and renovators.

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