Why uPVC & Aluminum

Why Aluminium Products ?

Sustainability and Recyclability: Aluminium is one of the most sustainable construction materials available. Up to 90% of all aluminium used in construction is recycled, using 95% less energy to manufacture than its primary production, with no deterioration in quality. This makes it one of the most sustainable construction materials available, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the lifecycle costing of a building.

Durability and Low Maintenance: Aluminium is known for being lightweight, durable, and low maintenance. It does not age like other organic materials and needs no protection from ultra-violet light. Its overall life-cycle is more environmentally friendly due to the minimum energy required in maintenance.

High Performance: Aluminium aids the high performance of building systems due to its immunity to UV, low conductivity, and fire resistance. The well-established, proven design life of aluminium assures that it will provide a long-term solution year on year with the guarantee of 100% recyclability at the end of a building’s life.

Inherent Strength: All of the building systems use aluminium as their core material, which offers an inherent strength necessary for building projects.

Longevity: Over three quarters of aluminium produced is still in use today. The long-term durability of aluminium products ensures their continued use and value.

Why uPVC Products ?

Comfort and Safety: uPVC windows and doors provide protection against break-ins, enhancing the safety of your home. They also contribute to the overall comfort of your living space.

Thermal Insulation: uPVC windows and doors are known for their excellent thermal insulation properties. They help keep warmth inside your home, contributing to energy efficiency and comfort.

Design Flexibility: uPVC products offer plenty of scope for design. They can be customized with decorative film or aluminium shells to match the aesthetic of your home.

Noise Reduction: uPVC windows and doors can significantly reduce noise from the outside, creating a calm and peaceful environment inside your home.

Improved Air Quality: These products are designed to let in fresh air while keeping out noise and maintaining thermal comfort.

Light and Design Freedom: uPVC windows and doors can allow more light into your rooms, creating a bright and welcoming environment. They also offer design freedom to create unique facades and add light to your home.

In summary, uPVC products are chosen for their safety, thermal insulation, design flexibility, noise reduction, improved air quality, and the ability to let in more light.

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Life With uPVC along Aluminum

The cavemen found the cave as a shelter to save themselves from adversities. During that time, the concept of occupying and claiming a space differed significantly from the norms and practices observed in contemporary society. Urban homes transcend the notion of mere shelter, demanding a blend of functionality, security, innovation, and aesthetic appeal. To realize the vision of an ideal contemporary home, the ingenious combination of uPVC and aluminum was introduced, offering a transformative living experience characterized by intelligence, robust security, cutting-edge innovation, and captivating beauty.

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Safe, Secure, Simple

The tempered glass of uPVC windows allows for air and light, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere. You can now replace those cramped, iron-grilled windows with the expansive view by uPVC windows. But what about safety? 

The multi-chambered profile, reinforced with high-quality galvanized steel or aluminum in a separate internal chamber, makes it nearly impossible to break through without attracting significant attention and utilizing heavy-duty equipment. Additionally, the multi-locking points exhibit exceptional resistance to tampering, ensuring enhanced security.

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Sound Proof

Experience urban tranquility without compromising composure with uPVC and aluminum. Matrix Windoors uPVC, fortified by high-quality aluminum reinforcements, features a multi-chambered profile, fusion-welded joints, and compression gaskets. These elements adeptly absorb, deflect, and block out a majority of the noise, enabling you to enjoy a peaceful living space. Our seamless designs not only enhance your home’s exterior aesthetics but also create a serene interior by minimizing environmental sounds. Embrace the harmonious blend of urban living and tranquility with uPVC and aluminum.

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Immune to Heat

Global Warming and Climate Change are real and demand our attention. Traditional cooling and heating systems rely on artificial methods, harming the environment and increasing bills. Luckily, the solution is here. uPVC, combined with aluminum, in Matrix Windoors products, offers a sustainable answer. With Low-E Glass, multi-chambered designs, and strong welded joints, it blocks heat and keeps cool air inside. Enjoy comfortable room temperatures without straining your cooling system, saving energy and protecting the environment for future generations.

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In your quest for the perfect solution, our evolved civilization presents a groundbreaking combination of resources. As India experiences the changing monsoons due to climate shifts, the need for shelter from rain, storms, and thunderstorms remains constant. For every Indian consumer, a waterproof system is essential. Our advanced technology integrates high-quality thermoplastic rubber gaskets and double sealing, enhanced by the strength of aluminum. Together with our innovative built-in drainage system, including weep holes and euro grooves, it ensures effective water prevention, keeping your home dry and comfortable, no matter the weather.