Woodec Lamination

Woodec Inspired by Nature

A remarkable wooden look and a unique touch combined with all advantages of a PVC window: our new impressive Woodec-surface offers all these aspects for Aluplast window and door systems. Be one of the first to benefit from this competitive advantage!

Times and choices have changed drastically over the past few years, and windows and doors are no exception. People nowadays have switched to advanced technology equipped doors and windows for their modern properties. While they do make our home feel functional and aesthetically appealing, they do lack the antique look that brings our home a comfy aura.

Woodec lamination - turner oak malt image

Turner Oak Malt (tom)
Colour Code F470-3001
ap-No.: 19

Woodec lamination - sheffield oak alpine image

Sheffield Oak Alpine (shoa)
Colour Code: F470-3002
ap-No.: 20

Woodec Lamination - sheffield oak concrete image

Sheffield Oak Concrete (shoc)
Colour Code: F470-3003
ap-No.: 21

Woodec lamination - sheffield oak alpine image

Turner Oak Toffee (toto)
Colour Code: 470-3004
ap-No.: 22


  • Beautiful aesthetic appeal
  • Safe and secure glass
  • Immune to Heat
  • 10-year warranty
  • Low Maintenance, High Value

About Woodec Lamination uPVC Doors?

When you build a home or remodel the interiors, you would want everything to match your ideas and the vibe of your home. The modern-day aluminium windows and doors don’t look awful but lack the aesthetic appeal. Well, jumping back to wooden made windows and doors is not a good idea as uPVC windows in terms of mechanics, aesthetics, and functionality.

Come and connect with Matrix Windoors and design your home with mind-blowing Woodec Lamination uPVC Doors.

Why Woodec Lamination uPVC Doors?

The uPVC wooden lamination doors and windows generally come in white colour, which is not an issue as they go perfectly with everything. However, many wish to have that antique and traditional wooden essence in their home. you can think about Woodec-lamination uPVC doors. Everybody loves to bring that teak wood and mahogany look to their home but with the mechanical features, well you can have that now with uPVC wooden-inspired lamination. Make your home look rich and antique with our top-grade solutions.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

Matrix Windoors bring you a range of products that are combined with multi-chambered and low-E glass and functional joints to eliminate any possibility of heat entering the space, and for cool air to leave the premise. Being energy-efficient, aesthetically appealing, and robust, choosing Matrix Windoors’ Woodec Lamination uPVC Doors will offer numerous benefits.

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