uPVC Multi Sliding Doors

Multi Sliding Doors

uPVC Multi Sliding Doors are installed in a row and glide smoothly. When open, these doors stack side-by-side to occupy a seamless transition. These expansive panels open easily and intuitively to stack against each other. It is also called the panoramic door and is perfect for people who like to get wider and expansive views with some obvious benefits like an abundance of fresh air and natural light.

Multi-Slide doors, as the name suggests, have more than one moving panel of glass aligned in a row. When open, the panels either stay side by side at the edge of the opening or tuck into a wall pocket. Some multi-side doors come with push-button motorised operation. Like patio doors, these kinds of windows are called ‘scenic doors’ or simple ‘multi-panels’ and are made using large glass panels that ride well or pivot on tracks.

While patio doors typically span 6 feet, the sweet spot for these in the home starts around 10 feet. They deliver views when closed, slide or fold open, blurring the line between indoors and out.

Are uPVC Multi Sliding Doors right for you?

With expanses of glass, multi sliding doors flood your home with natural light. Open or closed, doesn’t matter as they help create a safe space for you with a bright ambience, alleviating stress and dull mood. Currently, we have tightly built, energy-efficient homes, these doors help make your room feel spacious and lively, ushering the cool breeze in. when the weather is mild, they offer natural ventilation, welcoming the fresh air.

In nice weather, you can enjoy a seamless transition between the indoor living zone and patios or balcony area. This expanded usable space will add a great value to a home providing great ROI.

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Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

Ever since the inception of Matrix Windoors in 2007, we have evolved with the most advanced technology to make our products for a fully functional and aesthetically useful space that compliments your taste while ensuring optimum safety.