Top Hung uPVC Windows

uPVC Top Hung Casement Window image

Top Hung Casement Window

We at Matrix Windoors, are considered one of the most popular manufacturers of uPVC Top Hung Windows. We provide customized products at affordable rates to our customers.

The uPVC top hung window is another popular household design however, the profile often depends on the glass and frames used. Matrix Windoors manufacture casement and a window frame using high-quality uPVC material and ensure that it fits your home perfectly.

Features of uPVC Top Hung windows:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Optimum Security
  • Great Sound Insulation
  • Exceptional Water Resistance
  • Ability to Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

About uPVC Top Hung Windows:

The frame of the window is connected to the casement via a hinge that is installed on the top side of the casement, allowing the window to open outward and can be stopped using friction support. The uPVC top hung window is available in different colours, patterns, and sizes, and can be installed in hospitals, basements, kitchens, hotels, and multi-story buildings.

Matrix Windoors uPVC Top Hung windows are just another standard design targeted for residential properties. Based on the choice of our Matrix Glass and Frames, various profiles of our products are available. We craft this brilliant product by blending the casement and window frames using top-notch uPVC.

We attach the frame to the casement using a hinge allowing the window to swing open, as mentioned earlier, offering easy operations. With top-hung windows being a lot like traditional windows, one major difference is that they have hinges mounted on the side. They are great for ventilation.


  • In urban areas or those who live near the sea, it is advised to clean the uPVC windows every week using a microfiber cloth. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance but weekly cleaning will extend the life.
  • If you find the surface excessively dirty, it should be cleaned with mild force. Prefer using non-scouring cream to remove the dirt.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

With one and a half-decade of premium service heritage backed by Aluplast’s high-end German technology, Matrix Windoors envisions a quality space that ensures a secured, safe, and sustainable living for you as well as the planet.