Lift & Slide Doors

Lift & Slide

Matrix Windoors offers a plethora of options for UPVC Lift and Slide doors. Lift & Slide are one of the most preferred forms of door systems and are a well-liked choice for large areas that don’t have an enclosure.

Doors are more than just an entry or exit point to your home. The Lift and Slide uPVC doors by Matrix Windoors offer homes easy accessibility for all people and add a sleek look to your space, boosting the visual interest and beauty of your home. Investing in a lift & slide door will fit your home perfectly, pick the best uPVC lift and slide door from our range that are constructed with unique elements and have robust lift mechanisms. The lift mechanism works by unlocking and lifting the door off its seal to push it effortlessly.

Features: –

  • Easy functioning
  • Non-abrasive compound interlock        hardware
  • Air and water-resistant
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Noise Reduction
  • Low Maintenance

About Lift & Slide :

The Lift and Slide uPVC doors bring you the perfect solutions that are a blend of aesthetics and smooth functions. Matrix Windoors provide modern and sleek designs available at the best price. Our products are crafted to offer security and protection from noise and dust as they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Matrix Windoors make sure of extreme dependability, superior construction, great durability, and sleek designs.

With Lift & Slide uPVC Doors offers great security. Since all our products are crafted with top-grade material, the quality justifies the cost. You will get amazing sound insulation, and energy-efficient solutions offered by Matrix Windoors that don’t cost extra yet help have a great ambience in your home.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors ?

Matrix Windoors bring you an exquisite range of finest designs that include everything from traditional sliding doors, uPVC French doors, casement windows, bi-fold, lift and slide, and others. We offer top-notch installation solutions to our clients.

Our products are carefully constructed to look virtually appealing, offer protection, keep the noise and dust out, and make your home look fabulous.

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