uPVC Fold and Slide Doors

Fold & Slide

Matrix Windoors establishment delivers a distinctive melange of door panels with a folding and sliding appliance and is extremely elastic for large-scale openings.
Our uPVC Fold and Slide Doors are a perfect companion for open large areas to have a virtual wall. The door is a collection of frames that has moving or fixed frames. Our product is designed to fold and slide and is equipped with multi-locking features/.


  • Looks like a beautifully designed wall when locked.
  • It has a foldable door.
  • It is easy to maintain.


  • When it is unlocked, the slide/fold doors look like a well designed wall with well built hinged doors.
  • Offers single door use.
  • Effort handling and is Heavy-duty.

About uPVC Fold and Slide Doors:

Folding and Sliding doors are often called Bi-fold sliding doors that add an architectural feature making your home safe and visually appealing. Choosing uPVC Fold and Slide doors by Matrix Windoors will be a beautiful addition to your home as they help you create a magnificently contemporary environment. Our products without a doubt are one of the most artistic and effective ways to open your home without compromising on open space inside.

Our range of sleek folding and sliding doors by Matrix Windoors allows you to have usable space in the room when compared to traditional door designs. The fenestration engineers at Matrix Windoors ensure that each of the sliding doors is manufactured using top-notch material with perfect precision.

Why choose uPVC Fold and Slide Doors?

Folding and Sliding doors are designed in a manner to allow more natural light in your home. Our product offers the comfort of being indoors and the wonders of the outdoors. A sliding and folding door doesn’t take much space when opened since they are highly functional, flexible, and look aesthetically appealing.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

We at Matrix Windoors, offer you a range of uPVC windows and doors that are designed using top-notch material to withstand India’s extreme climate. Our products are carefully constructed to look virtually appealing, offer protection, keep the noise and dust out, and make your home look fabulous.

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