uPVC Fly Mesh Sliding uPVC Windows

uPVC Fly Mesh Options Sliding Window Image

Fly Mesh Options Sliding Windows

Our company specializes in delivering such windows. These are casement windows that only have fly mesh shutters and can be fixed with other windows.


  • Single and Double sheath
  • Horizontal unlocking pattern
  •  Unbreakable plastic frame material
  •  Glass Type: 5mm~12mm?
  • Thickness: 2.5mm PVC

Importance of uPVC Fly Mesh Sliding Windows

When you think about creating a protective space in your home, insects and flies are two of your biggest worries. Especially, during or post the rainy season, encountering a sudden increase in mosquitoes, lizards, flies, and other insects is certain. Who, what choices does a homeowner have?

uPVC Fly Mesh Sliding Window is an answer in this situation. Not only will they block any kind of unwanted insect from entering the premises but will also uplift the look of your home while letting the cool breeze in. We use advanced technology and robust mesh to manufacture high-quality sliding windows with fly mesh to protect your home from insects. Our team offers fly mesh uPVC sliding windows in different styles, shapes, and sizes.

For those who love to keep their doors as well as windows open to let the breeze in but are too afraid to do so because of insects and mosquitoes- We have the perfect solution for that. Remember, it is important for you to let the fresh air and cool breeze enter your home. Well, installing our uPVC fly mesh sliding window will do that magic for you.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

When it comes to windows and doors for your commercial as well as residential space, Matrix Windoors offers the best solution based on your requirements. Our uPVC windows and door frames are made of top-notch quality that offer an extra structural forte.

Matrix Windoors don’t want any of our clients to miss out on the chance to experience an explicable advantage of uPVC windows and doors. We believe in pushing the limits of technology to create protective and visually appealing products using the finest quality material. Explore and imagine your space merging with our uPVC Fly Mesh Sliding Window.

At Matrix Windoors, we pride ourselves not only upon the craftsmanship and the quality of our products but also on the reputation for the amazing customer care service that we offer.