uPVC Monorail Sliding Doors

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Monorail Sliding Windows

Our expertise lies in the production of a wide range of uPVC Monorail Sliding Doors.

The uPVC Monorail Sliding Doors offer a reliable and energy-efficient economical option, with one side fixed and the other sliding. These doors guarantee well-lit rooms, and with various connection types available in this sliding system, they are suitable for both balcony doors and windows.


  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Offers multifunctional crest
  • Stunning outer show
  • Modern colour range
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Noise Reduction
  • Protection from extreme weather conditions

About Monorail Sliding Door:

Monorail sliding doors are an economical solution that provide a unique sliding door system with one fixed side and one sliding side. These doors are designed to meet the special requirements of Mediterranean and similar climatic conditions, where a single sliding sash is suitable.Monorail sliding doors feature:

  • Glass thickness up to 24 mm
  • Integrated uPVC interlock for perfect tightness
  • A wide range of accessories due to standardized 62 mm frame system
  • Exchangeable gaskets

The Monorail variant has no profiles on the fixed side, resulting in an asymmetrical look. It is outside glazed for easy installation of large panels. Monorail sliding doors offer a low threshold for easy access and a cleaner look, with the option of continuous flooring.These doors are made to measure as per the client’s given dimensions, with colored sashes and additional profiles. Matrix Windoors offers various technical solutions enabling the production of large dimensions and sophisticated custom order.Customers can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, sizes, handles, trims, glass, and mesh grills to suit their preferences. Monorail sliding doors provide huge unobstructed views, brighten up any room, and elevate the circulation of air as well as the room décor.The uPVC sliding doors are installed with airtight seals, ensuring perfect insulation and effective use of space. Customers have the option to choose from different types of doors

How do the uPVC Monorail Sliding Doors Work?

Large opening or small, the monorail sliding system can be tailored to meet any opening size that floats on top-notch rollers. It helps the unit glide effortlessly and without making much noise into position when opening or closing. 

How do the uPVC Monorail Sliding Doors Work?

Ever since the inception of Matrix Windoors, our team evolved with advanced technology to make our windows and doors fully functional and aesthetically pleasant. Our product optimises your space and ensures optimum safety.

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