2 Track Sliding Doors

uPVC 2 Track Sliding Window Image

2 Track Sliding Doors

Matrix Windoors’ high-quality uPVC 2-track sliding windows offer a range of features that enhance both style and functionality:
Stainless steel axles ensure smooth and effortless operation

Horizontal sliding mechanism saves interior space compared to traditional windows. Large glass panels allow ample natural light to brighten up rooms

Panoramic views of the outdoors are possible due to the expansive glass area

Available in a variety of designs, colors, and hardware options to suit different preferences

Airtight sealing helps keep out noise, dust, heat, and pollution
Resistant to thermal conductivity thanks to multi-chamber sash and frame design
Easy locking system for added security
Suitable for both new construction and renovation projects in residential and commercial spaces
These features make Matrix Windoors’ uPVC 2-track sliding doors an excellent choice for enhancing the style and comfort of any room while optimizing space utilization. The combination of aesthetics, functionality, and durability sets these doors apart as a top pick for homeowners and builders alike.

Why do people prefer uPVC Sliding Doors?

uPVC sliding doors are available in numerous designs, styles, colours, and hardware options. Being easy to use, flexible, and weather-resistant. They are robust and durable even in extreme weather conditions.

uPVC doorss delhi provides all types and styles, making it easier to choose for your required needs. They are popular nowadays since they offer a wide view of the outdoors, are customisable, and are sturdy. Since nowadays apartments and houses in cities don’t have much space, uPVC sliding windows make a perfect choice.

When looking for top-notch 2-track sliding windows, Matrix Windoors is here to deliver you nothing but the best. Our windows and doors are made from world-class technology, best quality material, and sleek designs.

Why are Sliding Doors Trendy?

Energy Efficient: Modern two track sliding doors come equipped with high-end glazing and offer excellent thermal insulation. They act as an energy-efficient tool reducing the energy usage at home, therefore energy bills, resulting in savings in your pocket. A well-built sliding window can act as a barricade against dust, pollution, unwanted noise, unconditioned air, and more.

  • User-Friendly Features: Unlike double-hung windows, 2-track sliding doors open horizontally that go back and forth instead of going up and down, making it a lot easier for the user to operate. This works in favour of seniors or those with limited mobility living in the home.
  • Low Maintenance: Sliding doors are built with fewer parts than regular windows. Users often complain about springs and pulleys failing over time, amazing factor about sliding doors is that they don’t rely on such components. This makes them a lot more durable and easier to maintain for a long time.

Why Choose Matrix Windoors?

We at Matrix Windoors, design, manufacture, and deliver top-notch uPVC doors solutions helping you build an aesthetically pleasant and healthy home. Our product is your key to comfort!